Monday, June 2, 2008

How I am doing this-

I find that I wish to express myself sometimes where I cannot post to any of my accounts. A dilemma for a mind that is ramping up to Internet speed. So, I create my little essays in files on my thumb drive using whatever computer is available. It is a dream world for a lifelong thinker.

If that is not enough, I can make mobile notes on my phone. Imagine that! I can record voice messages to myself, and even email them to me! If you are young enough not to see how wonderful this is, try to imagine what it must have been like when the idea of electric light was just getting started.

"Martha! Would you look at that! Just turn a switch, and you have light! No dipping tallow to make candles. No more kerosene. Just turn a switch!"

"Oh, Tom. How you go on. This will never catch on! I've had enough of the fair. Let's hitch up the buggy and go home."

So, I am collecting essays, keeping them short. I post them as I can, but not too quickly. Time to think, and savor the experience.

Time to hitch up the buggy and go home!

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pboyfloyd said...

This little blurb of yours made me think about the free market and how, at the root of it there is some greedy SOB trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.

There are plenty Alan Greenspan types out there who ought to have known better when it comes to the housing market.

It's all very well to treat us as idiots and have booms and busts all over 'creation' EXCEPT when it comes to the supposed 'solid foundation' of society, actual real estate,which is why Fannie Mae was created in the first place, isn't it?

Why did government, business and banks all get caught by surprise, when every year people are graduating with law degrees, political science degrees ecomomics degrees and such?

The truth is that people are just too greedy to have a communist type government and they are too greedy to have libertarian type non-interference.